Cooking for A Lot of People

Sunday, June 03, 2012

So we have all these new people arriving at the community lately and so the number of people that we have been cooking for is going up! we are making so much Food!!

I have three meals in this post because we went hiking and just had rice balls for lunch ( I did not photograph)  and then we came back and had......
Hot Tamales!
with a nice cooling Salad!

For lunch Yesterday we Had (I cooked yay!)
Brown Rice with Shoyu Pickles 
Navy beans with Garlic and vegetables
Blanched Kale and Broccoli with a Onion Carrot Sauce/Dressing
And Miso Soup!

For Dinner we Had
Buckwheat with Onions and Dandelion greens
Grated Daikon with a splash of shoyu (to help digest the buckwheat) 
Adzuki Bean Soup!

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