Quinoa with Tofu and a Arugula herb Salad.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Long summer days and simple summer lunches. 

I don't know if I have told you guys yet. But I have moved again! I am Columbia MO now and I am very happy here. But let me tell you I have never experienced a summer so hot and humid. I have been struggling with what I want to cook let alone eat when it is so hot.

Light and cooling quick to cook foods is what I have been craving. 
So here is a typical meal for me this summer.

For Lunch 

 cooked with a dash of Shoyu and Sesame Oil
(watch and learn how to make Quinoa here)
Crispy pan fried Tofu,deglazed with Mirin and Shoyu.
(watch and learn how to make Tofu here)
Arugula Herb Salad
 with diced Onions marinated in Umeboshi Vinegar , Cucumber, Celery, with a Olive oil, Lemon, Salt and Pepper Dressing

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