Tempeh and Sauerkraut Sandwich

Monday, February 12, 2018

 Vegan sandwiches don't get any better than this. Hearty tempeh, which has been cooked down in a salty and gingery dashi. The sharpness of the sour sauerkraut, and the crunchiness of the fresh lettuce! 

Today for made my self a sandwich. a sandwich with toasted whole wheat bread, homemade horseradish mustard (I just found out that mustard is the easiest thing to make your self), some of the tempeh I had fried and cooked down in a shoyu, shitaki, ginger dashi earlier, some sauerkraut (tempeh and sauerkraut are an amazing combo!)
topped with some fresh lettuce and tomato and bam! delicious sandwich! 

For someone like me who has a difficult time coming up with good sandwich combinations, I am pretty happy with this one. 

Learn how to make Tempeh from scratch watching my "How to make Tempeh" video here
Just remember to soak the beans overnight after you boil them 

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