My name is Claire Johnson. I am 23 years old
I came from Alaska in a macrobiotic community called Ionia

Ionia has always had a strong focus in Macrobiotics. In 1986, common problems and hopes for a common solution brought four families together. Purchased five acres of spruce forest on the Kenai Peninsula in South-Central Alaska, and Ionia had its beginning.  
Growing up in such a place gave me a strong respect for how things effect you such as environment, thought and food.
Growing up  in a macrobiotic based community. I have always had a love for food and how to prepare it. and the amazing ability food has to bringing people together. That has served me well through my life being able to share the love of whole grain, plant based food where ever I go.

Cooking everyday for yourself and others can be difficult at times, especially with menu planning.
Here at Macro Food Everyday I share with you all kinds of meal combinations as well as my explorations in cooking plant based,whole grain macrobiotic foods.

 I  make how to cooking videos and post them here on the site http://macrofoodeveryday.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_9.htm 
and here on my Youtube channel youtube.com/user/clairej92/videos .

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