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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

For lunch
Barley porridge with onions, carrots, squash.
Sautéed broccoli.

For dinner,
Brown rice with gimasio.
Fried arame.
Blanched bok-choy.
Miso soup.

For lunch
Wheat rice.
Kinpera with carrots, burdock, and rutabaga.
Fresh tofu with kale.

For dinner
Squash soup.
Blanch vegetable salad, with broccoli, carrots, and bok-choy.
Adzuki bean rice.
Roasted sunflower seeds.

For lunch
Red and white quinoa, with sautéed onions.
Blanched cauliflower.
Squash nishime.
Black bean soup.

For lunch,
Udon noodles and broth.
Onion, carrot, squash tempura.
Fresh tofu.
Blanched vegetables.

For lunch
Raw salad with cucumbers,radishes, squash nishime.

For dinner,
Kamut rice.
Sweat vegetable lentils.
Blanched kale, cabbage.
Shoyu pickles.
Miso soup with wakame.

For lunch
Rice porridge with onions,carrots,squash.
Natto with shoyu and mustard, and scallions.
Fried dulse with onions.
Pressed salad.

For dinner,
Split pea soup.
Brown rice mixed with sweet rice.
Squash nishime.
Sautéed broccoli , and kale,
Onion miso.

For lunch,
Chickpea rice.
Hijiki salad with cauliflower, scallions, fresh tofu.
Shoyu pickles.

For dinner,
Sweet veggie millet, with onions and squash.
Press salad with tahni dressing.
Blanched kale.
Shoyu pickles.

For lunch,
Corn stew. With onions, cabbage
, squash.
Sautéed greens.

For dinner,
Brown rice.
Sautéed kale with smashed tofu.
Kinpera with carrots and rutabaga.
Black bean soup.

For lunch,
Hato-mugi porridge, with onions, carrots, squash, corn, scallions, ginger.
Sautéed cabbage.
Shoyu pickles.

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