Noodles and broth!

Monday, May 23, 2011

For lunch:
Brown rice ball, with umeboshi plum in the middle, sesame seeds on the out side, and a strip of nori.
Kinpera, made of carrots, rutabaga.
Sautéed parsley.
Blanched bok-choy.
Kidney bean soup.

For dinner:
Hato-mugi stew, made of onions, carrots, squash, rutabaga, hato-Mugi barley.
Brown rice.
Vegetables with a tahini white miso sauce.
Pressed salad, nappa cabbage, cucumbers, salt.

For lunch:
Quinoa salad, made of onions massaged in umeboshi paste, carrots, parsley.
Tempeh, pan fried then cooked down in shoyu broth.
Blanched broccoli.
Miso soup with wakame, onions, left over brown rice.

For dinner:
Brown wheat rice.
Arame salad made of, lettuce, carrots, parsley.
Baked squash.

For lunch:
Brown rice.
Nishime, made of, onions, rutabaga, carrots, tempeh.
Blanched bok-choy..
Rutabaga shoyu pickles.
Clear broth soup.

For dinner:
Blanched kale.
Squash soup.

For lunch:
Brown rice with roasted sunflower seeds.
Nishime, onions, squash.
Sautéed parsley.
Rutabaga shoyu pickles.
Miso soup.

For dinner:
Noodles and broth, fresh tofu, blanched broccoli, nori, sese seeds.

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