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Friday, May 25, 2012

Oh boy! This summer hitting just gotten me so excited and full of energy (that came out of no where)
I have been so busy with changing around the blog to how I want it (doesn't it look pretty?!)
Cooking lunches in the morning, Taking pictures (and trying to get better at it) like a mad woman!, All ways thinking of something else I could do like sewing the most random things......and all the other things that go in my day to day life.
I also have been eating like a queen 
Check out these meals we had the last two days!

Lunch Yesterday

A Onion Carrot Puree Soup. 
 Adzuki Bean Rice.
 Blanched Napa Cabbage
  With a Little Gomashio on top of the Rice

For Dinner Yesterday
A Sweet Vegetable Millet Porridge 
With Blanched Kale 
(perfect for  last night, it was cold)

This Mornings Lunch 
Wheat Rice 
 Sauteed Cabbage and Parsley 
 Black Eyed Peas
("I Got a Feeling!!)
A Broccoli puree Soup with Corn and a little Umeboshi 

We have guest from Czech and they make yummy food
For Dinner
Bulger with Lentils and Sweet Vegetables. 

 Blanched Broccoli 
Napa Cabbage Salad with Radishes with a Umeboshi dressing with a little Basil and Sesame oil 
 Puree sweet Onion Soup!
Thanks for stopping by!
If you have any question about the food please let me know!

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