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Thursday, May 24, 2012

I am so happy, a loved one has given me a lovely brand new camera!!!!
I am so excited of all pictures I am going to take!
It's gonna be shutterbug crazy for a little while for me.
I am trying to set up a routine for blogging cause I do want it more apart of my life,
And I am going to try to spruce it up a bit!
So here are the meals we had yesterday
We had a special guest yesterday so we put a little extra effort into lunch.
It was a great chewing meal
We had freshly made tofu with a sauce.

We had cucumber pickles

And a sautéed vegetable stir fry with kale, cauliflower' carrots, onions.

Miso soup with Wakame

With brown rice and sunflower seeds!

Isn't pretty!?

For dinner I was cooking
And I have been wanting to make millet the way I like it (the way my daddy taught me;)
with sautéed onions and cabbage (lots of oil so the millet doesn't become dry)
And we made with that blanched kale
And kinpera with carrots and burdock!
To go along with that we made a lentil sou

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