Two days four meals!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Two days worth of meals!

Day one lunch

Brown rice with roasted sunflower seeds.

Sautéed vegetables (onions, carrots, broccoli)

Daikon Nishime.

And Homeade nuke pickles!

And miso soup.

Day one dinner

Connor and jimmy and Emily made this wonderful Indian meal!
But to tell you the truth I don't really know how they made it.

There was a special kind of white rice, and we poured the chickpea dall over.

A sautéed cabbage carrot dish.

A potato dish

And purri (a deep fried flat bread!)

Sorry or the lack of information.
But I am planning on posting a detailed tutorial on how to make a Indian meal (with step by step pictures!)

Day two lunch
yesterday was a soft relaxed simple kind of day.
And lunch kinda went along with that.

Soft millet with onions.

Blanched cabbage and broccoli.

Told ya simple!

Day two dinner

So this is the kinda meal where if you make it, people jut think your being lay and you didn't want to cook.
So I doesn't get made a lot,
But I love this meal it is one of my favorites!

Soft adzuki bean soft rice.

Roasted sunflower seeds.

Blanched broccoli.

And shoyu pickles.

If you have any questions (or want more information on the food) please email me at

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