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Friday, May 11, 2012

These are a couple of meals that I kinda missed in my meal photo collection of the past couple of weeks.....

We had
a lovely noodle soup With parsley and I think it was a shoyu salted soup.

Brown rice with roasted and ground sesame seeds .

Sautéed onions and green beans and maybe a little of broccoli in there too.

And pickles!

This meal was
a kidney bean dish, just fried with onions added shoyu at the end (I think)

Salad with lettuce and broccoli.

Bulgar with onions.

This was a Japanese inspired thing
Were you have tempura over brown rice then a special sauce over everything!
It was really good!
We had it with some pressed salad.

If you have any questions (or want more information on the food) please email me at clairej92@hotmail.com

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