Staying inspired in the Winter

Thursday, January 03, 2013

I am so Excited I have been filming and new cooking video today!!
I am going to try and edit it tomorrow!

Winter is definitely effecting our cooking here in Ionia.
more long cooked foods , and fried foods, more root vegetables, 
The trick is trying to stay inspired! 
I always have a little trouble with that.
I just try and keep my eyes open for new stuff, winter is a great time to try cooking those things you see around in Cook Books or Food Blogs, that seem interesting but you don't know how they would turn out, try it! be brave! maybe you will find something amazing!!

if anybody would like to share their favorite winters meal that would be great!!

 For Lunch we had

Brown Rice 
Pan Fried Parsnip
Blanched Kale
Miso Soup

For Dinner 

Noodles and Broth

For Lunch Yester day we had

Brown Rice 
Adzuki Bean Squash 
Boiled Vegetable Salad with a Umeboshi Mustard Dressing
Creamy Cauliflower Soup

For Dinner

Left Over Brown Rice made into 
Natto Fried Rice
Pressed Salad
Sweet Vegetable Soup

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