I Want your Ideas!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I have all these exciting (well exciting to me) ideas for this blog! 
I want to redecorate the place! 
and have a page for basic Recipes, the blog would still be for the Daily Meals that we have here in Ionia. 
there would be a index for  step by step recipes (with Pictures!) for for the dishes! and I would get information on how to make those dishes from the some of the best Macrobiotic cooks I can get my hands on. so the recipes and be trust worthy!
what do you think!?
it is going to take a little while to get a little library of them together, but I em excited for the task!!
and if there is any specific recipes you would want!?? 

 For Lunch we had

Brown Rice
Blanched Arugula 
Boiled Yams
Miso Soup


For Dinner we had

Corn Porridge
HIjiki kinpira syle
Blanched Daiokn and Daikon Greens

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