Rice Kayu Bread with Sesame Miso Spread. and Preparing for the Academy Awards!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

So tomorrow is the Academy Awards, and for people who don't watch movies that won't mean anything to you..but for people who watch a lot of movies like us here in Ionia, you might understand the fun we like to have on the Academy Awards day! We made it our own Holiday! We make tons of special food and just watch the show all day!! so we were preparing for it all day today, making Seitan for Tan-Pops and beet sauce for Lasagna!! I am so Excited!!

But that will be for the day after tomorrows post ;)

For Lunch we had

Brown Rice Porridge with Squash and Onions
Pressed Salad Made from Napa Cabbage and Carrots
Boiled Brussels Sprouts 


For Dinner we Had

Long Grain Brown Rice
Rice Kayu Bread
Sesame Miso Spread
Sweet Vegetable Lentils
Blanched Napa Cabbage
Root Vegetable Soup

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