Puree Squash Soup Recipe!

Monday, October 16, 2017

 Soft creamy sweet delicious puree squash soup is just what I have been loving lately!
Squash is just coming into season and now everywhere. Which is perfect, sweet vegetables is just the thing to soften and relax, balance out the weather getting cold and having a contracting effect on our bodies. 

You can make a puree squash soup many different ways with lots of different fancy garnishes. But today we are going to keep it simple with just a few ingredients:
Butternut Squash (you can use Kobocha squash as well)
Scallion for garnish

1:Chop vegetables 
Start by chopping up your squash, it doesn't really matter what shape. 
You can choose to keep the skin of the squash on or off. With butternut squash skin being similar in color as the rest of the squash I like to keep it on if it is a organic squash.
Other squashes of more green color skin might effect the color of the soup at the end. 
Chop onion to the same size as your squash

2: Cooking
I like to sauté or sweat the onions with a pinch of salt to bring our the sweetness
Once the onions are softened I add the squash, and just cover the vegetables with water. Bring to boil.Turn heat down and cook for about 20 to 30 minutes. Until squash is soft 

3: Blending and seasoning
Once the vegetables are cooked it is time blend. You might have to do this in a couple of batches depending on the size of your blender. 
After everything is pureed and smooth heat back up on the stove and add seasoning to taste. I just added a pinch more salt and thats it! Garnish with scallions or caramelized leeks is another favorite.  

Thats one of the ways I like to make puree squash soup and I hope you liked it. If you give it a try let me know and tag Macrofoodeveryday on Instagram I would love to see how it came out! 

For Lunch
Puree Squash Soup
garnished with scallions 
Brown Rice with toasted Sesame Seeds
(watch and learn how to cook Brown Rice here
Blanched Kale
Tempeh cooked with Kimchi 
(watch and learn how to make Tempeh here)

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