A full day of food

Monday, April 30, 2012

Well well well...look you had the nerve to show her face again around here...that's right people I've got more Food!!
Yesterday we had a yummy lunch made of
Brown rice with pumpkin seed gomashio.
Adzuki beans (cooked down)
Blanch vegetable salad.

Clear broth soup with ginger!!

Then I had a quick snack that I made. Cold soba noodles ,with leftover lunch vegetables ,and a dressing I made of shoyu,
dark sesame oil, brown
rice vinegar.

And we also had a cooking class here yesterday .and my camera wasn't working, so I am useing a friend picture of the meal
If you have any questions (or want more information on the food) please email me at clairej92@hotmail.com

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