Suit Up Boys!

Monday, September 17, 2012

 It is always tricky to find out new ways to deal with leftovers,
Sometimes it is just trying to find the fun in experimenting with different ways to make it look and taste different.
So I love it when I get to cook with people who have new ways of reinventing leftovers
It Turn out to be a great Strengthening meal for those cold days you got to get out and get some fire wood or something. 
We Had 
Mock Paella/Casserole Rice Thingy ,
Ok let me Explain, We took leftover Rice from lunch and Quinoa from the day before and mix them together with sauteed vegetables and deep fried Seitan and Oil and Shoyu and steamed it all together.. It was very good and quite filling, Great dish for those cold winter days!
Coleslaw with Cabbage and Carrots and a Toasted Sesame oil Dressing
Kombu Dashi Noodle Soup with some Turnip Greens!

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