Roasted Carrot Soup

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Roasted Carrot Onion Pureé Soup

I love sweet puree soups, they are the ultimate comforting sweet creamy dish. When it is cold and gloomy outside it is the perfect thing.

There so many different ways to prepare your vegetables for a pureed soup.
If I have a long amount of time and looking for something not to overbearing but sweet, cooking the vegetables (such as squash, carrots, yams or even cauliflower) Nishime style results in a soft subtle sweetness that is deeply nourishing .
But today I wanted something a little bit more rich. I decided to oven roast some carrots I had around with a little oil, salt and pepper. I also had a little bit of baked yams leftover that I wanted to add with it because why not!
While my carrots were roasting. I started some caramelizing onions. Then When the carrots were all done I added them and the yams to the pot with the onions added some water and seasoning and let it all cook together for a little while.
 Blended it up, squeezed a little grated ginger in, and enjoyed my self a bowl of delicious sweet carrot puree soup. The yams effected the color a little bit making it on the darker side. All in all I am very happy with how it came out!

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