Start the Day with a Good Breakfast!

Monday, January 22, 2018

 Happy New year everyone! Happy new month, Happy new day!
The more busy I get the more (I neglect my blog and I am sorry to myself about that) can't realistically make three full decked out meals a day. So I have been relying on a full, well balanced breakfast to really ground me and get me through the day. I find if I have a solid breakfast, I can get away with a light lunch and a regular dinner. and I have been feeling great!
To save time most of our breakfasts, are in part reheating leftover grain, while adding a freshly made miso soup or reheating soup from the night before, and some boiled veg and pickles and thats it!

My favorite breakfast combination my partner and I have been making every morning has been looking something like this
 Brown Rice, or what ever leftover we have around.
(watch my video on how learn how to make Brown Rice here)

Miso Soup. Always a great way to start the day with a little warm Miso soup.
I have been loving Angelica Kushi's Miso Month (check it out here) and all the fun inspiring videos she is posting on her youtube channel !
(watch my video on how to make Miso Soup here)

Blanched or steamed vegetables
A lot of green Cabbage or Kale.

Pickles. I try to keep some pickles fermenting at all times. I think pickles are very important for digesting a whole grains diet, and they are just freaking delicious!

and last but not least we have been eating lots and lots of Natto!
(watch my video on how learn how to make Natto here)
You guys probably know by now how much I love Natto and this year I have been loving the Natto Phiya has been making. It has been coming out so delicious and stringy!
Natto is served over steamed rice and this dish of natto rice is considered a high protein Japanese breakfast staple. It is a rustic dish of fermented soybeans characterized with a strong aroma and slimy texture. It is seasoned with soy sauce, along with, chopped green onions, spicy mustard, sliced dried and seasoned seaweed, or other flavor add-ins. Packaged natto is available in the refrigerated section of Japanese and Asian grocery stores or you can check out my video and make it yourself! it is really not that complicated.

Yes, it is very inspired by Japanese cuisine. Growing up with Macrobiotic cooking, and how much it was influenced by Japanese teachers and Japanese culture it has stuck with me as a comfort food.
Although a Japanese breakfast comprises what Westerners might view as a complete meal appropriate for lunch or dinner, (lets be honest it looks a lot like a regular meal for me sometimes as well) it is not intended to be heavy or too filling. Portion sizes for breakfast are adjusted to meet one's appetite, and dishes tend to be lighter, for example, they tend not to be greasy, deep fried, or rich. 
Just a nice simple breakfast! 

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