Top 25 Macrobiotic Blogs and a Simple Lunch

Sunday, December 17, 2017

 I got an email the other day containing a list of the top 25 Macrobiotic blogs and how exciting it was to find my blog on it!! I highly recommend you go check out the list and follow every blog that is on it if you are not already. So many amazing people sharing their love for yes delicious plant based food but also Macrobiotic studies to understand the world and the interactions we have with food, emotions, people, the world. 
There is some great stuff on that list so go check it out!

Winter is a time to keep things simple. and this winter food is no exception for me. with all the holidays in the winter with all the fun delicious food. I make a point to add some simple comforting meals in my diet.  A balanced meal for me is one that contains various elements, a meal that checks all the boxes. Such as whole grain, leafy green vegetables, root vegetables, sea-vegetables, beans, and something fermented like pickles. 

For Lunch 
Brown Rice
Wakame Salad with Cucumber and a Brown Rice Vinegar Dressing
Blanched Bok-Choy
Pickled Beets and Dill Pickles
Chickpea Soup

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