Finding my place for the Winter

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Traveling, Traveling, Traveling....It got a little crazy there for me for a while. but I am happy to say I get to settle down a little bit. in Asheville North Carolina!
 I am going to be focusing on making the best content I can for this Blog and also more cooking videos! 
The holidays are just getting me excited. 
I am going to get some stuff done!! 
Most of the cooking of the food on this blog will probobly be my cooking this winter. 
I am always looking to collaborate with people who love good food! 

For Lunch
Brown Rice
(watch learn how to make Brown Rice here)
with roasted Sesame Seeds
Black Bean Vegetable Soup
Soba Salad with Baked Sweet Potato, Argula, Cucumber, and a Mustard dressing
Sautéed Cabbage


For Dinner
Veggie Stirfry Rice with the leftover Rice
Bllanched Kale

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