Full moon sushi's!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Over here (in ionia) we don't really celebrate holidays...but we do like to have fun and eat yummy holiday occasion sort of food!!
And so we do this once a month on the full moon....and last full moon was no different!

We had yummy tempe sushi's with cucumbers and carrots mustard sauce and white sushi rice of course!

With a side of setan-pops! Battered Deep fried setan on a stick with wasabi tofu sauce!!
(I am getting hungry just thinking about it)

And a lovely fresh salad with peas and corn and avocados!
And iceberg lettuce

And for dessert!! (didn't think I was gonna leave that part did ya)
And completely vegan
Walnut cake!!

If you have any questions (or want more information on the food) please email me at clairej92@hotmail.com

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