Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

 Today is Food Everyday, Everyday Food's Birthday!!
This blog is two years old!
Who knew taking Pictures of your plate could be so addicting!  
I made Lunch and little dessert to day for the occasion!
 I ate my lunch and dinner before my Dessert like a good girl of course ;)

Thank all of you guys for following this Blog and sharing my interest in Food!

We are playing this new Game where we all try and fast on Mondays (except for the children of course) 
everybody has their own level of how far they can take it, from just eating Brown Rice to eating nothing at all for one day a week.
well it was interesting to experience and it is good to try new things with your body.

We had 
 for Lunch 
Brown Rice
 Chickpeas with Fried Onions and Burdock
Blanched Collard Greens
Miso Soup with Onions, Daikon, Ginger, Wakame.

and then after Lunch I made a little Pie for myself!
With Apples and I am trying not to eat white flour so much and so I made the Crust out of Oat Flour!

For Dinner we had

Squash Onion Nishime
Sauteed Cabbage with umeboshi
Fried Wakame
Adzuki Bean Brown Rice

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