Hijiki fried with Onions and Soy Beans Recipe

Monday, November 05, 2012

have you every casually taken a bite of something and all of a sudden found that it was so amazing that you just had to over the heck out of it!!
I went to a Japanese restaurant a couple of weeks ago and had this dish made with Hijiki and soy Beans sauteed with Mirin, it was so amazing I had to try and make it my self!

 I did it with
 Onions and Daikon cut into matchsticks
 and sauteed with a little salt until they were very sweet!
I soaked the Soy Beans the day before then pressure cooked them for a hour.
and while I was sauteing the onions I had the Hijiki boiling for about an hour to 45 minutes (it amazing how long Hijiki takes to cook)  in a little bit of water.
then I poured out most of the water from the Hijiki then mix in the Onions and Daikon
and the soy beans and let it all cooked together.
I didn't have any Mirin so I just used Rice Syrup. 
and seasoned with shoyu.

I am sure this is probably not the way you are supposed to make this dish.
but it came out so FRIGGEN GOOD!! 
you guys have to try it!!

For Lunch we had 
Clear Broth soup 
Baked Parsnips
Buckwheat cooked with onions
Blanched Vegetable Salad

For Dinner we Had

Hijiki fried with Onions and Soy Beans
Brown Rice with Gomashio
Nishime with Squash and Carrots and Kale

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