From Russia with Love!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

  OK let me catch you up here
 before i left Ionia (home sweet home) we had a Delicious 
Seitan Pot Pie
Cranberry sauce

And then I went to Russia!!
And I am in Moscow right now!
I have never been in such a big city before and eating in a big city is quite different, and sometimes quite difficult. 
But I am getting better at cooking for my self more and making time to cook, and trying not to rely on living off of noodles and Ramen.
I am really loving Tea out here I have found though!

the first real big meal we had was at a oriental Restaurant 
I got 
Fried Rice
Avocado Salad
Deep Fried tofu
Spring Rolls
Miso Soup

It was really good, A little salty for me right now but what ever!

And in the Morning I made
for Breakfast 
Soft Buckwheat 
with Sauteed Leeks

And for Lunch I made
Brown Rice
Sauteed Cabbage with Tofu
Potato Salad 
Vegetable Soup!

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