Sunday, March 27, 2011

For about four days we didn't have one green leafy vegetable.
We had for lunch.
Brown rice with sautéed onions.
Nishime parsnip.
Sautéed wakame.

For dinner.
Brown rice.
Pan fried then cooked down tempeh.
Onion ume boshi pickles.
Sesame seeds.

For dinner black wild rice. With a tahini sauce.
Split pea soup.
Nishime onions and parsnips.
Ume boshi plum.

Then this is the day we got vegetables.
For lunch bulgur salad.
Blanche kale.
Fried wakame.
Udon noodle soup.

For dinner.
Noodles and broth.
With steamed broccoli and tofu.

For lunch.
Sweet vegetable millet, with squash and onion.
Sautéed daikon.
Orange lentil soup with deep fried seitan.

For dinner.
Long grain brown rice.
Blanched kale and daikon root.
Fried pinto beans.
Masa chips.

For lunch.
Brown rice.
Sweet vegetable lentils.
Steamed mustard greens, with a sesame dressing.
Onion wakame miso soup.

For dinner.
Millet soup.
Rice kau bread, with sesame spread.
Napa cabbage rolls.
Fried wakame with onion and tofu.

Connor and Lauden made miso a couple of weeks ago, and today we ate some. So yummy.

We started are starts for the garden. Hello future food!!

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