Friday, April 08, 2011

Last week Warren Kramer and his crew (Betsy, Natasha, Marsha)
gave a Macrobiotic workshop here in Ionia.

Warren, Betsy, Natasha, Phiya
This is the first lunch.
Brown rice.
Press salad.
Blanched Napa cabbage.
Split pea soup.
Betsy working hard.
For Dinner.
Pan fried slabs of plolenta.
Fried black beans.
Squash onion parsnip Nishime.
Miso soup.
Dill pickle.
Look how many people we have for lunch!.
Marsha, Betsy, Natasha. three beautiful ladies!
For lunch.
Walnut brown rice.
Arame kinpera with carrots and onions.
blanched broccoli with purple cabbage.
Cauliflower soup.
Warren and Betsy giving a cooking class.
Ionia listening/watching closely.
Deep frying Tempura.
For lunch,
Pan fried fritters.
Vegetable Tempura.
blanched carrots.
Seaweed salad with cucumbers.
Udon Noodle soup.
For Lunch.
Brown rice sushi, with tahini, cucumber, carrot, saurkrout, deep fried tofu.
Blanched vegetable salad, collard, Napa cabbage.
Cucumber, celery pickles.
French lentil soup.
Dessert class (Warren Betsy)
Noodle Salad.
Kinpera with carrot, parsnip, onion.
miso soup.
Desserts from the class.
Blueberry crumble .
Almond thumb print cookie.
Coconut ball.
For Lunch.
Squash puree soup.
Vegetable Fried Udon noodles.
Squash Parsnip Nishime.
Sweet Vegetable Millet.

Wallnut Brown rice.
Press Salad.
Blanched Kale.
Pan fried then cooked down Tempeh.
Lentil Soup.
It's almost over party. Catherine, Warren, Me, Emily.
Dessert Stewed Pears.
French onion soup.
Hatumugi brown rice.
Hijiki kinpera.
Blanched collards with sesame sauce.
Thank you Natasha, Betsy, Warren, and Marsha!

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