Lunch and dinner.

Friday, April 08, 2011

For lunch the girls ( Ally, Ann, Emily, Catherine, Emma, Mary, Jane.) made.
Walnut brown rice.
Onion squash Nishime.
Panfried Tempeh.
Umeboshi raddish pickles.
Blanched vegetable salad.

For lunch.
Connor barbara James and I made chickpea rice.
Blanched vegetable salad.
Hijiki with onion carrot.
Cauliflower soup.

For dinner.
Noodle salad.
Blanched broccoli.

For lunch.
Sandwich with sourdough bread, fried onions, cucumber, fried tofu, lettuce.
Blanch kale.
Aduzki soup.

For dinner sweet chestnut rice.
Sautéed kale.
Carrot daikon Nishime.
Roasted sunflower seeds.

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