Cooking myself, and Going Out.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

 Being in the city, it is hard to cook every meal at home. I have been cooking one meal, going out for one meal, not intentionally that has just been how it is working out. 
It is good to Eat out every once in a while, you could be inspired! you could find something you want to cook!

The two Meals I cooked were

White Rice with Shiso leaves
Raw Salad with Tahini Dressing
Fried Beans

Brown Rice
Seitan Fried with onions and Yams
Blanched Kale
Bean Soup

The Meals I Ate out, 
What I Had at Mana Organic

Kuchicha Tea
Noodles and Broth and Vegetables 
Tofu Cheese Cake 
Almond Cooky

What we had at Angelicas Kitchen
Corn Bread with Lenil Soup
Millet with Tempeh and Sauce

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