Chewing my food

Sunday, June 30, 2013

 I love the summer when all the garden vegetables are in full force!!
I am trying to slow down and chew my food, Cause I notice how it helps to digesting and just the food seems to leave my system alone , I don't feel wiped out from eating to much or ill from bad digestion..
So the Second day of the Food the food game we played for three days we had 

For Lunch
Brown Rice 
Roasted and Ground Sesame Seeds
Shoyu Pickles 
Fried Dulse (I LOVE DULSE!!)
Garden Napa Cabbage and Tatsoi 
Squash Puree Soup


For Dinner
Sweet Vegetable Millet
 Pickles (It is nice to have Pickles to digest well)
Blanched Cabbage salad with Tahini Sauce!

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