Cooking food in Mexico/ Cooking with Sanae Suzuki cooking video

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I am back home! yay!
The adventure to California and Mexico is at a end. actually I came home about two weeks ago, but I just couldn't face a computer. I just wanted to enjoy being home and doing nothing.

Now I have all of these food pictures from our last days in Mexico and of all the food we have been eating at home... and I think it is time to share!

cooking in Mexico was a trip all on its own, we only had one Nabe burner and one pot. but I didn't feel strong enough to eat local food. I needed to have some home cooked food.

While I was in California I got to film and Cooking Video with my good friend Sanae Suzuki 
I was very excited to meet both her and her husband and see their Macrobiotic restaurant they run in Venice California. the food is so so so delicious.
I hope you watch and enjoy the video

but back to Mexico
so For the last day we had
for Lunch
White Rice
Blanched Kale and Broccoli
Nishime Yams and Tofu


For Dinner
Brown Rice
Pressed Salad with Apple
and some local Avocado on the side
Sauteed Broccoli and Tofu

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