Sunday, November 23, 2014

For Lunch
Brown Rice Noodles 
cooked with Onions, Garlic,Broccoli, Shoyu and Sesame Oil all in one pot  
Salad with Tomatoes and a white Miso Dressing with Tahini Lemon and a little Brown Rice Syrup 
Sweet Vegetable Broth with Wakame.
For Dinner
a couple of friends wanted to learn how to make Sushi, So we had a Sushi making party! (I don't make very pretty Sushi, but they taste delicious!) 

White Rice Sushi with Cucumber,Avocado,Fried Tofu, Tahini and Umeboshi Paste
Wakame Salad with Cucumbers 
and a Vinegar Mirin Dressing
And all the leftovers from the sushi's, Cucumber, Avocado, made into a salad with Tomato and Pumpkin Seeds,

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