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Sunday, July 31, 2016

 Most of the time I am terrible when it comes to following a recipe to a T. Some how I find a way to change it. But the other day I found this pasta recipe from Angela Liddons book Oh she glows, and I just can't resist a good pasta dish. so I tried it. 
and It was so good! so creamy and rich. Not something for every day. but definitely  a winner.

For Lunch
Quinoa with toasted Almonds
Blanched Veggie Salad, Cabbage and Kale. 
Deep-fried Koogalie-Woogalies (I don't know. it is just a name we made up for them)
made with leftover Brown Rice, Diced Onions,Zucchini, Salt, and Pepper, and a little Millet Flour and Water to keep them together. 
served with some leftover Gravy.
For Dinner
Creamy Pasta
made with
Onions, Bell peppers, Garlic, Kale,Basil,Cashews made into a cream,Tomatoes, Tomato Paste,Oregano, Salt, Pepper,

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