Solid Meal Basics

Monday, February 20, 2017

Meal Basics.
 When you start cooking consistently enough you will start finding your meal basics. The combinations of ingredients you learn to depend on when you need a good solid meal that makes you feel healthy and ready for everyday.
My basics are a Whole Grain, Bean or bean product such as Tofu or Tempeh, long cooked Root Vegetable,  Blanched Green Vegetable and something acidic or fermented, fresh Salad with a lemon dressing, or some kind of Pickles
There are so many combinations of these dishes and it never really gets old for me. its a great meal.
What are your meal basics?

For Lunch
Brown Rice
(watch and learn how to make Brown Rice here)
Blanched Kale
Baked Yams
Garlic Fried Black Beans
garnished with Avocado
Dill Sauerkraut

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