Soba and Broth

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Soba vs. Udon. Soba is made using buckwheat flour, while udon is made with wheat flour. Buckwheat gives soba noodles a slightly nutty flavor, and, although pure buckwheat noodles are available, many varieties include wheat as well
I also find they effect my body differently. I love Udon Noodles. (Check out my video on how to make Udon Noodles from scratch!) especially stir fried yum!
But Soba is a little easier for me to digest sometimes I have found over the years.
  Soba and Broth with a little fried thing like Tofu  has become a go to meal when I need a dinner done quick!

Shoyu Kombu Broth
Fried Tofu
(watch and learn how to make Tofu here)
Garnish with Fresh Scallions

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