Trying to a Make Paella

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

 After watching Venu Sanz (check out her amaizing website here) live instafeed where she was making vegetarian paella with Brown Rice it gave me enough courage to try to make it on my own! 
I know Paella is one of those dishes that is  so special to so many that there is a lot of opinion on the right and wrong way of making it. But I really wanted to give it a shot. and make it delicous for me. (cause I was going to be eating it)

I started of with a very wide pan. I do not own a paella pan, but I was told it is fine if you use what you have. I started sautéeing my diced Oninos with Garlic and Salt. 
Then I added a pinch of Tumeric powder for the Color. and the rest of my vegetables. Carrots, Rutugbaga, Cellery, and Parsley. Sautéed untill all the vegetables were wilted. Added my Half cooked Brown Rice. Safron,leftover Fried Tempeh, and enough water to just cover the Rice and added a little more Salt and Pepper. 
I let it all simmer untill the Rice was done. 

I think it came out pretty damn delicous. I definetly want to practice more and play aorund with it. but I enjoy making grain this way for sure!
Have you ever Paella? how do you do it?
Thank you to Venu for showing me how this can be made!

For Lunch

Paella with Vegetables and Tempeh 
Baked Potato with Olive, Salt and Pepper.
Blanched Veggie Salad 
Kale, Napa Cabbage, Radishes


For Dinner
Millet with Sweet Corn
Pinto Beans
Blanched Vegetable Salad with a Pumkpin Seed Dressing
Cabbage, Carrots

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