Tempeh with fresh Coleslaw

Sunday, December 11, 2016

I have been enjoying making a full fresh meal for lunch and kind of winging it with the rest of the poeple in the house  with leftovers for dinnr. does anybody else do this? Sometimes not haveing the pressure of cooking a whole meal from scratch you can focus on making new thing. My brother made dinner yesterday using leftover lunch and adding to it these amaizing little Pinto Bean Balls with marinara sauce!  

For Lunch
Brown Rice
(watch and learn how to make Brown Rice here)
Pan fried Tempeh
(watch and learn how to make Tempeh here)
top with Coleslaw made of
 Cabbage, Apple, Parsley, Carrot and Salt, Olive oil, and Lemon
Sautéed Broccoli and Radishes 
some leftover blanched Carrots
Sweet Potato Fries
For Dinner
Leftover Rice and Veggies from Lunch
Added some arugula and a fresh Vegenase, Mustard dressing to the salad. 
Pinto Bean Balls with Marinara Sauce

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