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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So I have been gone a while. I am sorry. But all the while we have had these visitors from Spain come. Eduardo and Ezra, and they love to cook macrobiotic food.

Some of these pictures are old so I don't quite remember all of the details (I am sorry)

Eduardo and I made this for lunch.
Fried rice with long cooked vegetables, onions and carrots and kale.
Baked squash with tahini sauce for on the side.

- Eliza made this for dinner.
Brown rice with gimasio.
Nishime with onions carrots.
Hijiki salad.

Eduardo cathy and I made this for lunch.
Roasted millet cooked with raisins then set to cool.
Presser cooked pinto beans with shoyu.
Nikute a Spanish vegetable dish, with onion carrot and cabbage sautéed for a long time.

Connor and I made this for lunch.

Vegetable fried rice with onion, carrot, burdock, parsley, cabbage.
Chickpea salad with ume vinegar pickled onions and parsley.
Blanched kale.

Eliza made this for her cooking class.
Barley porridge with sweet vegetables.
Fried kale with mashed tofu.
Kinpera, with carrot and parsnip.
Wakame salad with cucumbers.

Eduardo made this meal and I don,t know how really...
Brown rice.
Lima beans.
Deep fried millet crocettes.
And arugala salad with a beet dressing.

Eduardo Cathy and I made this for lunch today.
Millet with pumpkin seeds and grated carrot.
Arugala salad with a tahini ginger dressing

Connor made miso this week.

So far this month has been happy eating!!

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