Learning how to take care of myself

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

 I have been in Boston the last two weeks. Michio Kushi's Memorial was the weekend of the 31st and  it was so amazing seeing all the beautiful people who came to the event. 
But to tell you the truth it has been really hard food wise. I haven't really had the space or time to cook much for my self. which my body then started letting me know wasn't working anymore. 
So it has been a nice opportunity to learn how take car of my self under tough circumstance. like trying not to eat so much salty foods. 
For Lunch 
Soft Millet with Squash
Sautéed Leeks 
Blanched Bok-Choy
For Dinner
Lasagna with Carrot Sauce
and Tofu and Corn
Salad with Cucumbers and Tomatoes
Boiled Asparagus 

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