Oatmeal rant!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

 The only thing I can crave in the morning is creamy oatmeal! Not the kind of oatmeal where 70% of the bowl is sweetener nuts and berries.
 Just plain oatmeal cooked with love and care. 
My favorite oatmeal is made with whole oats cooked overnight. but that is difficult to do some times. 
So ever since my father got this amazing grain roller, we can have freshly rolled creamy oats when over we want! 
Lately how I have been enjoying cooking them is 
Putting 3 cups of cold water on the stove. adding two handfuls of rolled oats, one pinch of salt. 
Then bringing it up to a boil. Putting on a flame tamer and turning the heat on low. Cooking it for 15min.
I like oats that are cooked. not chewy and raw. soft and creamy and maybe decorated a little with a piece of fruit but that is manly to make it more photogenic ;) 

I am a person who needs breakfast every morning or I just feel strange all day. 
My digestion is very sensitive. and I find that starting out the day with something simple like this oatmeal and a nice Miso Soup gets the day off right overtime. 
(watch and learn how to make Miso Soup here)

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