Friday, April 08, 2016

Sauerkraut is one of my favorite fermented foods. Fermented food are pretty crucial to a plant based diet I have found. nothing helps digest whole grain like fermented foods.
Here we (and by we I mean mainly a young man named Connor who is our fermented foods guy in Ionia) usually make our Sauerkraut in the early winter with cabbage harvest from the Fall before. There will be a whole group of us around the counter chopping cabbage while Connor mixes it with Salt and shoves it into crocks. and The outcome is so so delicious! I think everyone making their own pickles at least once. to have the enzymes that are naturally in your kitchen be apart of your food.  

How does it all work? 
 "The process of lactic acid fermentation used to transform salt and cabbage into sauerkraut increases vitamins, particularly vitamin C and B vitamins, and food enzymes.  Moreover, homemade sauerkraut is also extraordinarily rich in beneficial bacteria – friendly microorganisms which help to colonize the gut, train the immune system and manufacture vitamins in the digestive tract." ----From a beautiful blog called

Check out the master himself Sandor Katz teaching how to make Sauerkraut here he also has a wonderful website to check out here

For Lunch
Brown Rice
(watch and learn how to make Brown Rice here)
Blanched Greens, Manly Parsley 
Pan fried then cooked down in a Shoyu Dashi for an hour 

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