Busy Week

Sunday, March 31, 2013

 The Snow is just starting to melt yay!! we are probably going to have a flood in the next three weeks. 
It is a very exciting and busy week in the community right now, so many people have come home. 

 we are going to be having a visit from Mr. Warren Kramer this week also!He is a very good Macrobiotics teacher who we like to bring out to us every once and a while to get some spring time inspiration! he is going to give a couple of lectures and cooking classes (which I am very excited about) 

I am also planing to do alot for this humble site, giving it a bit of a makeover and all that fun stuff!
 I have been having fun testing out my design skills with the pictures, what do you think!?

 For Lunch
Sweet Vegetable Lentils
Blanched Vegetable Salad
Clear Broth Soup with Ginger and Kombu and Shitaki


For Dinner
Millet with Sesame Seeds
Sauteed Brussels Sprouts
Blanched Collard Greens

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