Mochi and Adzuki Bean Soup

Sunday, April 06, 2014

For Lunch 
 Millet cooked with Tomatoes,Onions,Carrots
Blanched Kale with Tofu
Diakon Nishime with Lotus root and Shitaki Mushrooms
Deep Fried (leftovers) Koogali-woogalies (thats the name ionia gave them ok)
with a Shoyu Ginger Kudzu Sauce 
White Miso Soup with Onions,Daikon and Daikon Greens. Garnished with Scallions


Adzuki Bean Soup with leftover Soba, Onions,Daikon
Pan Fried Mochi 
White Jasmine Rice
roasted Almonds 
Blanched Vegetable Salad with Napa Cabbage and Parsley 
Corn Silk Tea

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