Thank you Michio Kushi

Monday, December 29, 2014

Michio Kushi 
passed away on 
 December 28th 2014 

It is interesting how there can be people who have had a big hand in shaping your life and all the ways it is today...and  you have never really known them.
Michio was one of these people for me. I never personally knew Michio 
He and his teachings have been a big part of what has shaped my world.
his way of seeing and using macrobiotics to understand the why and the how of life and the universe.
inspired my parents with the other founding members of my community to find a place where they could explore and learn what made natural sense to them
 about children, food and life using macrobiotic principles as well.
and so they started their own community.
where I was born and raised in Alaska .

I am and always will be very grateful for the life and community home I got. 
I am grateful for macrobiotics for making it all so interesting.
and I am grateful and thankful for Michio Kushi and his teaching that inspired it all

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