New Cooking Video "Making Nishime"

Thursday, April 30, 2015


I have finished a new cooking video on how to make Nishime. 

Nishime is a very macrobiotic dish that I have grown up with in my life and have always found very difficult to make on my own. so I got the help of my older sister to teach me how she makes it so good every time. 
some points that are very important are
you have to have a proper fitting pot with a tight heavy lid. 
you don't want a pot that is to big and leaves a bunch of space around your vegetables. 
You want as little cooking water as you can get away with. you want the vegetables to cook in there own juices, that is what makes it so sweet. but if all you have is very dry vegetables or a lid that lets a lot of steam out then you need more water. 
you want to bring it up to a good hard boil then cook on low for a long time. most common mistake is to not give your self enough time to cook the nishime all the way. 
If you have a lot of water/juicy vegetables in your pot you might have to cook it on a higher heat just to make sure that it is cooking. 

so there are a few extra tips 
I hope you like the video 

here are some Nishime inspirations

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