a day of sitting and eating

Friday, October 15, 2010

whether at the lunch table or in a car, i was eating and sitting allday!
So i Missed dinner tonight (i had to pickup someone in town) but i did get some when i got back......late, i refried the noodles with lotus root and cabbage and leeks. it was a nice little midnight snack!
But this morning i cooked lunch with James, and i did not know what to make, but knew i wanted beans!
So it ended up being Chikpea saute with squash and onion, and some mustard and shoyu and the end. this dish is realy easy to make, and you can do it with out the beans, and with anything you want. you just need to cut onion and squash into large chunks and saute them on low flame until soft and mushy. then add salt to your desire, and then all done!
with that we made a wild rice veg stew.
and blanched leeks
and a pressed salad.
it was fun cooking today! i keep thinking "i wonder what will have tomorrow?) (^_^)

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