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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Man i am sorry i had a lazy moment there for a day, But were are gonna catch up and while were doing that you can chew on these pictures of the past meals
Emily and Alex made Fried Lentle beans with garlic. and white rice with black Seseme seeds. and a vegetable salad.
Connor and Cirrus made a yummy black bean soup with onions and shitaki and lime juice. lie juice in bean soups are amazing they make the soup taste like summer.!
And they made some yummy steamed Squash, and fried oister mushrooms with greens and tofu. and quinoa with flax seeds.
And today Saori and I and James made some Fried rice with wakame and onions and kale and carrots and garlic and ginger. and blanched cabbage with lemon.
we also made a Squash soup with
you just boil the squash and onions and a pinch of salt in a soup pot with water just covering the veg. and the boil until soft (you can add more water if necessary),
and then bend and serve (looks pretty with parsley garnish on top)

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