Monday, October 18, 2010

Gwendolyn Saori and I made pasta with tomato sauce and wakame salad. And veg soup
We started with the tomato sauce. We got buddy to help us cut the tomatoes.we diced them small .We cut onions and celery and garlic, all very thin. Then we cut carrots and boiled them until soft. Then blend.

Then we sautéed the garlic in olive oil then added the onions and celery. Until soft, then blend that.

Then heat up onion blend and carrot blend together. When hot add salt to desire, then add tomatoes. Add seasoning to taste

For pesto we put basil and lemon juice and pine nuts and salt and olive oil together in blender then blend.

For the seaweed salad we soaked then cut wakame finely. And onions finely. Soak onions in cold water (to get rid of bite) cut cucumbers thinly.
Then mix all together ( squeezing water out of wakame. And onions) for dressing we put dark sesame oil and umeboshi vineger.

The soup had diced onions and carrots and squash. Boiled in kombu broth . Then add shoyu and grated Ginger

I am sorry for not giving exact measurements, I can't do that at this time . I will try to later...maybe.
I can only write what we do. And hope it helps/inspires you to cook!

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