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Saturday, October 30, 2010

so this whole weekend has been all about Pauls and Alix's wedding.
for the wedding there was a pot luck.....and macro pot luck.
so we made avacado sushis wit cucumber. (sounds familar;)
we prepped the rice the night before.
and in the morning we cut the cucumbers
and the avacados in to slices.
then we rolled the sushis,
Emily and i made 58 sushis in one hour.!!
The Day after the wedding everybody was a bit hungover, so they wanted something deep fried. so I made some tanpops , tanpops are made with a batter and cutlets of seitan, here t goes.
I made a batter with two cups of white flour and a half of a cup of corn flour and one cup of whole what pastry flour. and enough soda water for a satisfying consistency
then i heat up the oil until hot enough so if you drop and speck of batter in there it will float to the top real quick.
then i dipped the seitan cutlets into the batter then into the oil until nice golden color.
they came out delicious
Last night Ann Emily and I made a taco buffet. with avacado salad
and left over chile.
refireid beans.
cucumbers with pupkin seed sauce

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