a while

Saturday, November 13, 2010

so i stopped posting for a little while, but i didn't stop eating and taking pictures.
here is a bunch of pretty pictures of food.

this was Brown rice, and fried lima beans with snap peas and corn.
and pressed salad with grated apple on top
Brown rice
baked yams
fried arame and corn and onions and carrots
blanched nappa cabbage and kale
blanched kale
fired noodles and tofu and parsly
sautéed sweet potatoes with onions and corn
Brown rice and blanched broccoli
and roasted pumpkin seeds
white rice with vegetable stir fry and seitan on top
pasta with pesto
and salad with a mustard dressing
udon noodle salad
with fried tempeh
this was the first lunch i have made in a while.
Sweet rice with sautéed onions on top
nishime squash
fried dikon with carrots and onions
and veg salad
Mochi and miso soup with burdock and onions and wake
and pressed salad
and blanched collard greens
adzuki bean brown rice with sunflower seeds,
and blanched parsly,
and kinpira with carrots and burdock

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