Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Phiya and I decided to make apple cinnamon muffins.
We started with one of chef satos
The recipe is apple walnut muffins, but we switched it up to fit what we had ;)
And we doubled the recipe, we wanted alot!
So this is what we did.
We started with all the ingredient.

Put the wet ingredients together,
3 cups of maple syrup.
2 cups of apple juice.
3 cups of corn oil.
3 cups of oatmilk.

We put the dry ingredients in another bowl.
3 cups of white flour.
3 good pinches of salt.
4 table spoons of cinnamon.
3 table spoons of baking powder.
And 6 cups of diced apples.

We mixed the two bowls together until smooth.
We put them in the muffin tins, and we filled then up to the top.

Baked them for a half of an hour and the. They were done!!

I love baking!!!! ( Phiya looks like he likes it too ;)

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